About the NeoGraft™ Hair Transplant Device

The harvesting of each follicular unit in FUE is usually done with the assistance of automated devices and small punches. Among the most popular automated devices is NeoGraft™, which has been widely advertised. While the Neograft™ is a useful and well-crafted device, it is not the only high quality automated tool available to assist in FUE procedures. The most important part of an FUE procedure is the experience and skill of the surgeon operating the device.

Choose Your NeoGraft™ Hair Restoration Specialist Carefully

Although the NeoGraft™ hair restoration device can help produce good results, you need to pick the practice carefully. The NeoGraft™ business model involves recruiting doctors with little to no experience in hair transplantation. In fact, your entire procedure at these practices will be performed by technicians sent by NeoGraft™. At Tempus Hair Restoration, we believe that physicians, physician’s assistants (PA) or nurse practitioners (NP) are the only professionals who should harvest hair from a patient’s scalp.

Which FUE Transplant Device Does Dr. Barusco Use?

At Tempus Hair Restoration, we use the AlphaGraft™ device. The main advantages of it are its portability, small size and ergonomics. Dr. Barusco is also able to control the speed and rotation of this particular punch to customize it to each patient’s skin and hair. A depth limiter provides control of how deep the punch penetrates the skin, which decreases trauma to the tissue, transection and hair damage. Dr. Barusco also utilizes a device that he created to allow for safe, minimally invasive harvesting of hairs for the optimal outcome of the No-Shave FUE technique. This custom device also allows Dr. Barusco and his team to use a variety of different punches in the same machine, which adds an unprecedented level of customization to every patient’s hair thickness, hair curl and skin characteristics.

Benefits of FUE Procedures – Commonly Known as “NeoGraft™”

With the FUE procedure, you walk out of the procedure with the follicular units harvested without stitches. The tiny circular incisions will heal and become nearly invisible within a matter of days. Without the linear incision from the FUT procedure, you can wear your hair shorter on the donor area without the fear of having a visible scar. One of the other big advantages of FUE procedures is that hair from other areas of your body (beard, chest, etc.) may be harvested and used as donor hair. This may be important if you have limited donor hair on the scalp and extensive hair loss.

I am very thankful to Dr. Barusco

— Lori Frank, Orlando, FL

Hi, I'm Marco Barusco. Every hairline is unique.
Come see us for a free consultation and learn which procedure will produce the best results for you.

Hi, I'm Marco Barusco. Each hairline is unique.
Come see me for a free consultation and learn which procedure will produce the best results for you.

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