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The appearance of thinning hair and growing bald spots can cause both men and women emotional distress. But while there is no choice involved in balding, there is when selecting a hair loss specialist and method of treatment. Marco Barusco, M.D. of Tempus Hair Restoration is one of the most skilled and experienced hair restoration surgeons in Florida. He has trained hundreds of surgeons in the art of hair transplantation and performed thousands of surgeries himself with one goal in mind: to deliver natural, permanent hair that his patients can enjoy.

Advanced Techniques in Hair Restoration

Winner of the Patient’s Choice Award for the last six years, Dr. Barusco understands patients who are suffering from hair loss want amazing yet undetectable results. He offers his patients the latest technology in automated FUE Hair Transplant, FUT “Microscopic Dissection” hair transplant and his innovative “No Shave” FUE hair transplant. These techniques use state-of-the-art hair restoration equipment to successfully remove healthy hair follicles — either individual follicles or a strip of follicles — and transplant them to the balding areas. The transplanted hair follicles then resume their normal hair growth patterns and produce natural, permanent hair. Dr. Barusco’s patients no longer have to sit idly and watch as they go bald; hair transplant surgery delivers fuller, beautiful hair.

As a skilled hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Barusco also helps those who desire fuller facial hair. He uses precise skill and technique to perform eyebrow and beard hair transplants to fill in thin areas or to camouflage scars. Patients also seek Dr. Barusco’s expertise to restore their hair after having used another doctor for a previous surgery. Patients immediately notice Dr. Barusco’s careful and diligent approach to safety and personalized care. Most patients are able to resume their regular routines and enjoy fuller hair as soon as the day after surgery.

So take control of your hair loss by taking the first step towards beautiful, lush hair. Contact Dr. Barusco to schedule your complimentary one-on-one consultation at one of his convenient Central Florida locations in the Orlando, Tampa or Jacksonville, Florida area.

Hair Transplant procedures can be utilized to restore scalp, eyebrow and facial hair and to repair or camouflage scars of the scalp. Dr. Marco Barusco is winner of the Patient’s Choice Award for the last 6 years, and is the only board-certified hair transplant doctor in Central Florida who was originally trained and certified as a general surgeon.

FUE Hair Transplant

Update on the No-Shave FUE Procedure

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New Technology in Hair Loss

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Dr. Barusco’s Radio Interview – May 12, 2015 – AUDIO ONLY

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